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LPA Series: Wide bandwidth precision voltage and current amplifiers

The LPA range of Power Amplifiers from N4L provide AC and DC coupled wideband amplfication for a wide variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Designed originally for use with N4L Phase Sensitive Multimeters, they can also be used anywhere where there is a need to boost a signal in either voltage or current.

They combine DC accuracy with wide bandwidth to faithfully reproduce complex waveforms, driving loads that may be resistive or reactive.

Reasons to choose an N4L Laboratory Power Amplifier

* Unconditionally stable to any load * Wideband
* DC Accurate * High performance to cost ratio

Our Laboratory Power Amplifier range

High voltage
General purpose
High power
Full power bandwidth 800Vpk-pk @ 100kHz (A)   80Vpk-pk @ 250kHz (A)
  360Vpk-pk @ 200kHz (B)   40Vpk-pk @ 1MHz (A)
  80Vpk-pk @ 1MHz (A/B) 28Vpk-pk @ 1MHz 32Vpk-pk @ 1MHz (B)
Max ac output current 0.075Apk 0.05Arms (A) 1Apk 0.7Arms 5Apk 3Arms (A)
  0.15Apk 0.1Arms (B)   8Apk 5Arms (B)
Slew rate 500 V/us 600 V/us 120 V/us
Gain options X50, x200, x500 X1, x4, x10 X10
Coupling Ð ac, ac+dc, ac+(dc) * * *
AC coupling filter 16Hz -3dB * * *
Low B/W filter 40dB/decade * * *
Power supply 115V or 230V fixed universal universal

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