State of the art AC - and DC - Fault location bridge

State of the art  AC -  and DC - Fault location bridge

 Four instruments  in one

- Active Bridge

- Passive Wheatstone  Bridge

- Graaf Fault Locator


Extremely easy operation Automatic Test Sequences Remote controlled  loop switch

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 Easiest Operation

- Easy to use menu system

- Many-sided topic oriented help system

- Large Graphic Display with Backlight

- Pre-defined, automatic test sequences

Automatic Test Sequences

- Cable State Survey to find the best test method

- Quick Test of main parameters

- Quality Test Sequence

Optional accessories

- KMK 80S slave unit to perform synchronous end to end Graaf measurements

- KMK 8 - Calibration Certificate

- KTS 8 - PT 1000 Temperature sensor

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