Cảm biến đo chênh lệch áp SC-RC hãng CARBO BALAN

Cảm biến đo chênh lệch áp SC-RC hãng CARBO BALAN
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System system differential pressure sensor SC-RC/* is a device intended for continuous measurement of pressure
difference in the underground mine in all methane and coal dust explosion hazard zones and on the surface.
It is possible to define operation of the sensors type SC-RC/* in the following systems:
- with digital FSK signal;
- with voltage signal 0.4 ÷ 2 V or 1 ÷ 5 V;
- with frequency-coded signal 5 ÷ 12 kHz.
During carrying out measurements the sensor can operate only in one selected system, that is transmission standard.
System sensor SC-RC/* operates in the stationary instrument mode and can be supplying from the intrinsically safe power
unit or intrinsically safe transmission-supply line of the methane detecting system.
System sensors implements function of two-threshold cut-out device, allowing control of external devices using 2 binary
state outputs (galvanically isolated). It is also equipped with one binary state input for cooperation with voltage-free
Exceeding or decrease of the given alarm threshold results in activation of the alarm that is pulsing of red diode and
change of the state of proper output (or outputs) of the sensor.
Correct operation is signalled by the green LED diode.

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