Máy đo độ nhám bề mặt

Máy đo độ nhám bề mặt

Máy Đo Độ Nhám Bề Mặt

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Máy Đo Độ Nhám Bề Mặt Kim Loại 

may do do nham be mat kim loai

With increasing manufacturing and machine quality, the surface finish technical products is becoming ever more important than ever.

This makes it all the more crucial to offer metrological solutions with instrument designs that provide quick and simple yet standards-compliant measuring options.

In some cases measurements are transferred from the inspection room to production to save time and money. Components may be too large or heavy to be transported, leaving no alternative but to carry out measurements directly on the component or machine.

The Pocket Surf PS1 lives up to its claim of "Absolute mobility" in all manner of ways, providing:


Battery powered freedom

Over 500 measurements without having to recharge the instrument.

An all-in-one solution that is no larger than a digital camera.

Small and lightweight (400g / 0.88 lbs.).

Instrument flexibility

The standard range of functions is sufficient for this all-purpose smart little instrument to perform your

measuring tasks.

All the measuring positions you need

Can be used horizontally, vertically, upside down or in any other position required by the component.

24 parameters

Offer the same range of functions as a laboratory instrument.

Error-free operation thanks to an integrated roughness standard.

Automatic cutoff selection (Patented) so that even non-specialists are ensured correct measuring results.

Simple operation

May do do nham be mat kim loai

The pocket surf shows how simple the PS1 is to use. You quickly get to grips with the essential features, enabling you to complete your measuring tasks with excellent results.

Pocket Surf PS1. Technical Data

Unit of measurement Metric, inch
Measuring principle Stylus method
Pick-up Inductive skidded prick-up, 5µm (200µin) stylus tip, measuring force approx. 0.7 mN
Parameters Ra, Rq, Rz equiv. to Ry (JIS), Rz (JIS), Rmax, Rp, Rp (ASME), Rpm (ASME), Rpk, Rk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1
(24, with tolerance limits) A2, Vo, Rt, R3z, RPc, Rmr equiv. to tp (JIS, ASME,), RSm, R, Ar, Rx
Languages 14 including 3 Asian languages
Measuring Range 350µm, 180µm, 90µm (changes automatically)
Profile resolution 32nm, 16nm, 8nm (changes automatically)
Filter Phase-correct profile filter (Gaussian filter) acc. to DIN EN ISO 11562, special filter acc. to DIN EN ISO 13565-1, Is filter acc. to DIN EN ISO 3274 (can be disabled)
Cutoff lc* 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm; automatic (0.010in, 0.030in, 0.100in)
Traversing length Lt* 1.75mm, 5.6mm, 17.5mm; automatic (0.069in, 0.22in, 0.69in)
Traversing length (acc. to MOTIF) 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, (0.040in, 0.080in, 0.160in, 0.320in, 0.480in, 0.640in)
Short cutoff* Selectable
Evaluation length In* 1.25mm, 4.0mm, 12.50mm (0.050in, 0.15in, 0.50in)
Number n of sampling lengths* Selectable: 1 to 5
Calibration function Dynamic
Memory capacity Max. 15 profiles, max. 20,000 results

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