Kính hiển vi đo lường

Kính hiển vi đo lường

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    The modular concept offers each and every customer his own tailor-made unit configuration

  • Industrial fields of application: Machines and equipment construction, automobile production plants, aircraft and aerospace industries, electrical engineering and electronic industry, precision mechanics and optical fields, and medical technology.
  • Technical Engineering and Universities.
  • Laboratories: Inspection and calibrating laboratories, and technical laboratories for crime investigation.
  • Operational research areas: Quality control, parts production, research and development, tools and moulds construction, and materials engineering.
  • Spectrum of parts: Machining and chipless of producing parts, bended and perforated parts, die-casting parts, motor and gear parts, screws, cutting tools, electrodes for spark eroding, templates, stencils, scales, and medical implants.
  • Task settings: Measurements of lengths and angles, profile forms, thickness of layers, material analysis, material fractures (cracks).
  • Materials: metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber

    The Mechanical Basis

  • Solid and massive base body of grey iron casting.
  • Extreme high stability of measuring arrangement with very low sensitivity against short-time temperature changes.
  • Utmost stable measuring stage with roll bearing guides.
  • Highly permitted stage load.
  • Measuring stages with measuring ranges (X/Y) of 150 x 100 and 250 x 150 mm.
  • Fast positioning of measuring stage via free shifting of hand and comfortable precise adjustment of each coordinating direction via screws. Optionally available with motor drive.

    The Measuring Systems

  • Opto-electronic measuring systems based on incremental-divided scales; resolution 0.0001 mm.
  • With and without digital measuring system in coordinate direction Z, measuring range 150 mm.
  • Highly accurate since very low error possibility.
  • Feed-back possibility on PTB Certificated Calibration Norm.
  • Tested positioning accuracy according to VDI/VDE 2617

    The Optic is essential

  • Measuring objectives TELEPLAN for measurements of lengths and forms.
  • Micro objectives PLAN FLUOR for surface observations, e.g. metallurgy.
  • Objectives with telecentrical ray path meaning even by inexact focusing of object viewing, the image size stays unchanged – an indispensable condition for high accurate measurements.
  • Objectives of highest optical quality, perfectly corrected, plane and distortionless images - all designed by Leica.
  • Large working distances for high work-pieces.
  • Easy exchangeable objective with a single hand grip via the bayonet mount.
  • Video camera connection for further image processing.
  • Binocular tube.
  • Image viewing through bright-field and dark-field, with and without polarised light as well as differential interference contrast (DIC).

    The Light

  • External cold light source with reflective halogen lamp (30 - 250 W).
  • Light supply by fibre optic light guide,thereby no heat transfer.
  • Illuminating variants: transmitted light, incident light, oblique incident light and ring light.
  • For metallurgical examination: bright-field, dark-field, interference contrast and polarisation

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