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Dial Thickness Gauge

  • Dial thickness gauge can measure thickness of things such as steel, lens, rubber, plastic, paper, felt, hair in actual dimension.
  • Gauge head and anvil are superior for anti-abrasion and stained as they are made of ceramic.
  • Shape of gauge head and anvil are standard type and 3 types of LS, LW, 3A are available. Standard measuring ability is less than terminal pressure 2.5N, but ................................ SM-112-80g/SM-528-80g) of terminal pressure around 0.8N (Approx 80gf) is also available.

Swift Gauge

  • This is held and measured with upper top point depressed.

Dial Pipe Gauge

  • This is specialized instrument which measures radial thickness of pipe, curved plate thickness. Radial thickness can be measured up to minimum diameter φ3.5mm.

Digital Thickness Gauge

  • 2 types of digital thickness gauge are available, of which minimum readable figure are 0.01mm and 0.001mm.
  • Measured data can be printed out and statistical calculated data can be treated, with connected to optional digital mini printer SD-763N.
  • LS,LW and 3A type are available for each model code and anvil and gauge head of special shape are produced.
  • special specification of >>>>> are available. Please inquire in detail to each sales outlet.

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