MSS High Powered Visible Fault Locator

MSS High Powered Visible Fault Locator

Máy Đo Cáp Quang - MSS High Powered Visible Fault Locator

The MSS Visual Fault Locator is an essential tool for troubleshooting a fibre optic system. A 1mW fibre coupled laser sends a 650 nm visible red light down the length of the fibre. The escaping light allows easy identification of breaks or severe macro bends. Internal optics are used to optimise the unit’s performance for either singlemode or multimode applications. Fibre end identification and continuity testing for long distances are also natural applications. This unit operates with two AA batteries (provided).

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- Stabilized Visible Laser
- Battery Operated
- Singlemode or Multimode
- 1mW Laser Diode at 650nm
- Continuous Wave or Pulsed Wave
- Ruggedized Rubber Boot
- 9-10km Singlemode
- 6-7km Multimode

Wavelengths  650nm+/- 5nm
Output Power  1mW min
Approx Range  9-10km (singlemode), 6-7(multimode)
Battery  09 Volt
Modulation Rate  2 Hz
Emission Indicator  Power indicator in sync when laser is on
Battery Life  30hrs continuous, 40hrs modulated
Adapter  Universal 2.5mm or 1.25mm
Dimensions  158mmL x 82mmW x 32mmD
Weight(with batteries)  212gms
Operating Temp  -10 to 50

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