Sưởi trung tâm - gia nhiệt bằng dầu

Sưởi trung tâm - gia nhiệt bằng dầu

Sưởi trung tâm - gia nhiệt bằng dầu

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ID oil heating stations

  • Brand-name burner with high degree of efficiency
  • Single-chord system with automatic venting
  • Large-scale 300 W fuel preheating feature
  • Photocell flame monitor
  • High-performance heat exchanger
  • Fully-automatic operation with room air control
  • High-pressure radial fan for covering long distances with air transport hoses
  • Cold-proof up to temperatures of -20°C
  • Lockable doors for operational controls and burner
  • Protected control box with operational hours counter
  • Service-friendly construction due to removable side panels
  • Automatic fan with rotational direction check
  • Built-in circuit beaker
  • Summer-winter switch for ventilation operation without heating
  • Stainless steel skids
  • Fork lift slits
  • Suitable for fully-automatic operation with external thermostat
  • Two-stage model (optional)

These heating stations have got just about everything a professional’s heart desires…

They are extremely powerful and robust with a high-quality finish. The lockable doors protect the controls and burner against unauthorised use and the oil heating stations are not only easy to service, they also have a whole array of other service-friendly features.

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