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Tấm gia nhiệt hồng ngoại

Tấm gia nhiệt hồng ngoại

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TIH 630 infrared heating panel

For drying out walls in new buildings, for renovating old buildings
and for drying after water damage


  • High-quality heating panels with 630 watts of certified heating power
  • Cutting-edge materials ensure that the heat is spread evenly throughout the entire area
  • Complete with rear-wall insulation to ensure maximum energy efficiency and that the heat is directed directly at the object
  • Highly-efficient heating method with environmentally-friendly IR-C-radiation for drying out brickwork quickly
  • Heat transfer via light waves – object is heated directly – no convective loss
  • Clean heat – no noise, no smell, no condensate, no oxygen needed
  • Three-point fixation with ergonomic handles for quick and stable stacking
  • Robust aluminium construction with high torsional rigidity in ­maintenance-free Trotec quality
  • All accessories included in scope of delivery





Massive brickwork in particular can be dried out considerably faster than when using conventional drying methods.

The area can only be dried effectively when the heat is spread out evenly over the entire panel.

The TIH 630 heating panel can be operated either upright or horizontally. The feet of the panel can be removed to save space during transport. No tools are needed to install your heating panel.

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