Cảm biến đo khí H2 hãng CARBO BALAN

Cảm biến đo khí H2 hãng CARBO BALAN
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System hydrogen sensors SC-H2/* are devices designed for continuous measurement of hydrogen concentration within
the range of 0÷1000 ppm H2 and suitable for gasometric systems (telemetry) and as stationary equipment for continuous
measurement of air parameters in underground mines and the areas of methane and/or coal dust explosion hazard.
In SC-K,/* sensorsit is possible to define operation in the following systems:
- with a FSK digital signal;
- with a voltage signal 0,4÷2 V or 1÷5 V;
- with a frequency coding signal 5 ÷ 12kHz.
While making measurements, the detector may only operate in the one selected system, i.e. the transmission standard.
SC-H2/* system hydrogen sensor operates in a stationary instrument mode and can be powered from the intrinsically safe
power supply or intrinsically safe supply and transmission line of gasometric system.
H2 sensor carry out the function of a two-step disconnect device, which enables the control of external devices using two
(galvanically isolated) binary outputs. It also contains one binary input for the operation with a dry contact.
Two alarm thresholds can be set to any value between 0 ÷ 1000 ppm.
Exceeding or dropping below a given alert threshold activates the alarm, i.e. red led light blinking and status change of the
corresponding output (or outputs) of the sensor.
The correct operation is signalled by a green LED light

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