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SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH & Co. KG


Stationary Metal Analyzer (Spectrometer)
Introducing new class of metal analyzer distinguished by improved analytical performance and simpler operation, available for multiple alloy type, including Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Mg, Ti, Sn, Pb and Zn. SPECTROLAB provide fast, high precision and reliable result on a 24 x 7 basis.

  • Unique hybrid optical system with analog and digital system for exceptional performance and high flexibility, with low operation cost
  • Handle high as well as ultra-low concentration (sub-ppm)
  • Simultaneously measure a large number of elements from any type of metal
  • Constantly self monitoring diagnostic system integrated into software to ensure uninterrupted operation

Stationary Metal Analyzer (Spectrometer)

Widely acceptable and used in industry such as foundries, casting plants or injection molding, this high power, low maintenance metal analyzer has become standard requirement in various industries, ferrous or non-ferrous.

  • Fast, reliable and precise for the widest range of elements and wavelengths
  • ICAL Powered: no recalibration or optical profiling necessary
  • Argon Saver Mode
  • Benchtop or Floor model in 3 versions

Mobile Metal Analyzer (Spectrometer)

Mobile metal analyzer with laboratory precision, for on-site analysis or PMI application. Able to analyze odd shape sample such as thin wires, curved surface, pipes and tubes etc. Battery operated for alloy identification and analysis at docks, construction site or even scraps yards. Now capable to analyze Nitrogen with the unique UV probe with integrated optics.

  • Able to analyze ferrous and non-ferrous alloy, elements range including C, P,S, N, Cr, Ni, Mo, Cu, Ti, Sn etc
  • Even the determination of Nitrogen (N) is now possible for identification of duplex steels
  • Advanced intelligent software controls instrument operation
  • Dual probes for maximum versatility
  • Several hundred measurements on a single battery charge
  • Protective packaging guards against dust and shock (protective class IP-65)


Mobile Metal Analyzer (Spectrometer)

Light weight, portable metal analyzer ideal for safety monitoring, metal alloy sorting and elimination of guesswork on-site. First and only portable system to analyze carbon in steel & iron.

  • Rapid analysis of samples, alloy sorting within 3-5 sample per analysis
  • Robust packaging for use in metal sorting yards
  • Unique SPECTRO iSORT hand-held analyzer can sort scrap, isolate valuable alloys, and perform hundreds of analyses on single battery charge
  • Advance, innovative CO2 scrubbing system for reliable analysis of Carbon in air for Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel and Cr Steel
  ICP - Spectrometer

True Simultaneous CCD-ICP spectrometer for environmental applications.

  • A powerful alternative to conventional sequential ICP and Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
  • High speed analysis using simultaneous measurement of the complete spectrum in less than 3 seconds
  • Factory calibrated, norm-conforming methods for environmental and industrial applications for both qualitative & quantitative analysis
  • Maintenance friendly sample introduction system with lock-in-place positioning
  • Patented ICAL Logic System for continuous system monitoring
  • Powerful software featuring 1-click routine operation
  • Full verification of RoHS requirement

Simultaneous CCD-ICP spectrometer for the most demanding applications

  • ICP performance class for the most demanding analytical tasks
  • Axial or radial plasma observation
  • Sample introduction system with automatic positioning
  • Stable plasma conditions due to robust free-running generator
  • Unique optical system with never been seen resolution of 0.003nm
  • Extended spectral range from 130-770nm for perfect line selection and halogens (Cl, Br, F) determination
  • Patented ICAL Logic System for continuous system monitoring
  • Powerful software featuring 1-click routine operation
  • Patented UVplus ensure low maintenance and purged-free for UV system with minimal operating costs
  ED-XRF - Spectrometer

Taking advantage of new technologies that yielded extremely precise analysis at ultra low concentration, SPECTRO iQ is specially designed for process control application.

  • ULSD analysis capability: Sulfur Detection Limit < 1ppm
  • C-Force polarization optical system to achieve new ultra-low limits of detection for Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S and Cl
  • Trace metals determination
  • Unique operation that guides the operator through the analyzing process
  • The method wizard that allows simple adaptation to new analysis tasks
  • Ready-to-use application packages that complies to international standard
  • Low sulfur in fuels
  • Additives in oil
  • Cement
  • Slag
  • Ceramics and refractories

Versatile XRF analyzer for demanding applications. Featuring unique polarization optic and multiple secondary target for optimum performance in multiple application.

  • Determination of Na-U in completely unknown samples with proprietary Turboquant method
  • Unique polarization optics deliver WD-XRF performance at an ED-XRF price
  • Ready-to-use application packages
  • Large area, high resolution, Silicon Drift Detector for unrivalled sensitivity
  • 12 position, computer controlled, sample changer
  • Typical applications:
  • RoHS applications
  • Mining and minerals
  • Chemimcals and plating solutions

Benchtop X-ray fluorescence analyzer that offers extreme simplicity of operation in a low-cost compact design, without compromising on the analytical performance.

  • Improved quality control of many petroleum products
  • Sulfur measurement from low ppm to % levels in everything from diesel and gasoline to crude oil
  • Onboard computer with touch screen interface
  • Simple operation designed for non-technical operators, with more advanced features for the experience users
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Typical Applications include:
  • Diesel, gasoline, crude oil, bunker fuel, other petroleum distillates
  • Silicone coating on paper and film
  • Conversion coatings
  • Cosmetics and body care products
  • Plastics
  • Various chemicals
  • Many other applications possible



Micro-X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for non-destructive analysis. Ideal for jewelry industry, precious metal inspection, customs inspection, production operations forensics and analytical laboratories.

  • X-ray tube with Mo anode: low power & air-cooled
  • Si drift chamber detector with Peltier cooling
  • XYZ table enables point analysis, line scan and mapping
  • Determination of elements from Na to U in less than 2 minutes

Handheld portable XRF Analyzer


Handheld XRF Spectrometer for quick and precise on-site analysis of alloys, PMI testing, RoHS compliance and lead screening, environmental testing and mining surveying applications.

  • Rapid analysis of alloys samples, testing time of only 2 seconds
  • No gas purge or vacuum system required for analysis of Al, Mg and Si
    Analysis of Al, Mg and Si within 10 seconds
  • Uniquely ICAL calibration samples integrated into shutter, no external sample required for standardization
  • Advance Bluetooth technology for wireless connection to optional Bluetooth printer.
  • Software integrated with result template creator for printing of analysis result in customizable format.

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