Stripping equipments

Stripping equipments
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Pneumatic needle scaler

Standard Duty Needle Scaler

For surface preparation work involving the cleaning or removal of paint, rust, dirt, or weld slag, the 125 is a durable, dependable, economical solution.


- 19 needles
- Each needle 1/8" (3.2 mm)
- 4600 blows per minute at free speed



Chisel scaler

The 172L offers a Lever throttle at 5,500 blows per minute; the 182G offers a Grip throttle at 4,000 blows per minute; the 182L offers a Lever throttle at 4,000 blows per minute


- Long nozzle section extends retainer life and permits the use of a variety of accessories
- Positive lock chisel retainer is simple to operate
- Strengthened head block holds up under the most extreme conditions


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