MSS Hand Held Light Source

MSS Hand Held Light Source

Thiết Bị Đo Cáp Quang - MSS Hand Held Light Source

The MSS Light Source is the perfect match for the MSS Power Meter. The unit has a long battery life and other essential features to get the job done right. Singlemode units are equipped with lasers having a typical output power of -1.0dBm. Multimode units have LED’s with a minimum output of -17dBm, Operating Manual and 9V Battery included.

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- Single or Dual Light Sources
- Continuous Wave (CW) or 2kHz Modulation
- Choice of ST or FC Adapters
- Auto Shut Off & Low Battery Indicator
- Now Available in 1300nm LED with 1310nm Laser Combination
- 30-Hour Typical Battery Life
- Protective Rubber Boot

Optical Light Source:
LED Output Power: 850nm & 1300nm ; -17.0dBm min (62.5/125um Fibre)
Lasers Output Power
1310nm & 1550nm
-1.0dBm min (9/125 Fibre)
Modulation Modes
- Continuous Wave or 2 kHz
- Modulated Wave
Operating Temp  -10 to +50 Celsius
Battery  9V Alkaline
Dimensions  16cmL x 8cmW x 3cmD


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