Đo Lường Cáp Quang - MSS Mini-OTDR

Đo Lường Cáp Quang - MSS Mini-OTDR

Thiết Bị Đo Cáp Quang - MSS Mini OTDR

The MSS Advanced Mini-OTDR incorporatesall the features that are truly needed in hand-held OTDRs. The Mini-OTDR offers speed, dynamic range,

easy to read colour display, rugged package, short dead zone, light weight, ease of use and of course all at an affordable price. All these aspects of the Advanced Mini-OTDR are what makes it ideal for everyday use in the field on a wide variety of networks. This OTDR can be operated by the novice while at the same time be appreciated by the seasoned user.

This unit comes standard in quad wavelength configuration. Testing is made simple and fast with the press of the Auto Test button. Examine the trace using the straight forward zoom feature, A/B cursor selection button and touch-wheel. Zero in on events with the powerful Event Selection feature or  with the Event Analysis table.

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OVX-OTDR Specifications: Wavelength  850, 1300, 1310, 1550, ±20nm
Dynamic Range  27/26dB MM, 38/37dB SM, 36/35/35dB Tri
Pulse Width  20–10,000 ns
Units of measurement  Km, Kf, Mi
Event Dead Zone  <1m
Attenuation Dead Zone  5m
Resolution  .10-16m
Distance Uncertainty  ±(0.75m + 0.005% x distance + sampling resolution)
Distance Range  1-64km MM , 1-240km SM
Real-time Refresh Rate  4 Hz
Group Index of Refraction (GIR)  1.024 – 2.048
Typical Real-Time Refresh Rate  4 Hz
Linearity  ± 0.05 dB/dB
Memory Capacity  1000
Memory Type  Internal and Flash Drive
Power Supply / Charger  Universal
Storage Temperature  -20 to 60 c
Operating Temperature Range  -10 to 50 c
Dimensions (without rubber boot)  (197mmL x 114mmW x 57mmH)
Weight  0.9kg
Communications Ports  USB and USB Flash Drive Ports
Connector Styles  FC, ST, SC Interchangeable
Accessories Provided :

  • Universal Power Adapter w/US, UK, Continental
  • Europe, and Australian Plugs, Interchangeable
  • FC/ST and SC Adapters, Windows/Telcorida
  • SR4731 Software, Rubber protective boot.

Optional Extras  Hard Carry Case

- Video Scope Capability
- Built in loss test set
- 38 dB Dynamic Range
- Event Table with Pass/Fail Feature
- SM, MM and Quad Units Available
- <1 Metre Dead Zone
- One Button Testing
-    Trace Overlay Capability
- Built in visible fault locator
- Onboard Memory for 1000 traces
- USB Flash Drive Port
- Light Weight Rugged Case
- Easy to Read Colour Display
-    On-Screen Tutorials
- Long Battery Life (8 Hours)
- Test Fibre lengths up to 240km
- Telcordia SR4731 Compatible Software

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